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OK here is the deal

We are looking to work with 10 people who want to create a startup. We have created a platform to help you go from the back of a napkin idea to a business with structure and funding and we are looking for people to test our assumptions. 

If you use the platform we will provide expert advice in the process of starting a startup.

Why? We are looking to get feedback from entrepreneurs and in doing so rather than interacting with a video recording you will get to talk directly to the experts.


What you will get 

- Everything covered under NDS for your peace of mind

- Getting the idea out of your head in a structured way


- How to conduct market research


- Getting the fundamentals of your business right


- Figuring out who your customers are, how are you going to reach them and how much will it cost you to reach them


-Advice on grants you should be entitled to and what accelerator would suit you best 


- Advice on your legal obligations when you set up a company, Terms and conditions, GDPR, and so on